Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about how to start your own resell ebook store online business. If the question you have or answer you are looking for is not covered here please email us anytime. Thank you.

Do all your ebooks come with resell rights?

All our ebooks do come with either Master Resell Rights or Private Label Rights with a few exceptions that come with standard resell rights.  The rights available should be posted on the salespage, if not, just email me and I will let you know.

Can I add the ebook store on to my existing site?

Yes, you surely can. The theme used in conjunction with WordPress easily integrates into existing sites as we have done with ours.

Do I have to use just your ebooks in my store or can I get them anywhere?

We have no control over where you get your ebooks or what you put in your store. We, of course, would appreciate you buying all your ebooks from us, but it is not a requirement. You are free to do as you like with your business!

Are there restrictions as to the prices I can charge for the ebooks?

No, once you purchase the ebooks from us, you can charge any price you like for them. We recommend staying fairly low, about $5.00 – $10.00 for more sales. A lot of them do come with suggested retail prices but they are just a suggestion, not a requirement.

Can your ebooks be sold on eBay?

As of March 31, 2008 eBay no longer accepts digital sales via auctions. You can, however, sell your ebooks through the eBay classified ads or you can auction them off on CD.

Does the store come already loaded with ebooks?

Yes, we now offer a completely stocked ebook store website.
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Do ebooks really sell?

Before we started selling ebooks I would have said ” I don’t think so.” But now that we have experienced it, I cannot believe how well ebooks sell! It has been the most profitable and the most rewarding business we have been involved in.

These can’t be very good ebooks for just $1.00 and $2.00! How can you sell them at such a low price?

We try to check all our ebooks before they go in the store to make sure they actually contain some useful information and/or resources. We actually pay more for a lot of them but as a whole, it is worth it. We wanted to offer an affordable, legitimate, fairly easy business opportunity that people could call their own and run the way they choose to and not have to follow a “mother company’s” rules.

Do I have to offer the same packages and deals that you do?

No, you are free to package the ebooks as you like and to offer any sales, specials or deals that you want. A very few of the ebooks do have restrictions on bundling with other ebooks.

How much money do I get to keep from each ebook I sell?

You keep all the money! We are not an affiliate program. We do not pay you a commission. Once you purchase the ebook from us, we are not connected to your business or sales in anyway.

How much are the resell rights?

The resell rights are included in the price that you pay for the ebook. There is no extra charge for resell rights or the Private Label Rights.

How do I collect payment for orders?

The store is automated and set up to work with Paypal. The script does it all from taking the orders, to sending out the ebook links. You do not have to make Paypal buttons, set up the store with Paypal or anything. It is all built in the script. NOTE: You do have to have a Paypal account if you go with them.

Do you need to know HTML to manage this store?

No, you do not need to know HTML to run your store. You add info into the script and the script processes it and generates the code. If you want to make involved changes to your store, you will need to know the PHP code and how to change it.

NOTE: We cannot issue refunds on digital files as there is no way to guarantee their return. If a file is defective, we will gladly exchange it for another within 30 days of purchase.

 NOTE: Once you purchase and receive the ebooks/software from us (in working order) we are no longer responsible for or connected to these items in anyway unless they are written by us.