Why Your Dog Absolutely MUST Have A Crate

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“Crate Training 101”

The Great Crate Debate:

Why Your Dog Absolutely MUST Have A Crate (Part 1)

Michelle King, of Reseda, California, thought Crystal, her 6-month-old Golden Retriever, looked so cute snuggled into the pillows on her son’s bed. “She was asleep, so I left her alone and took a shower,” Michelle remembers. “When I came back to the bedroom, there was stuffing scattered everywhere. Crystal had chewed up the bedding and even had a piece of fabric hanging from ear to ear.
A friend suggested that Michelle try putting her puppy into a crate when she couldn’t keep an eye on her. “I resisted because I didn’t want to confine Crystal, and I didn’t think that she would cause any more damage.
But I was wrong,” she says. “When my pup chomped off chunks of mattress one evening soon after, I bought a crate that same day. I wasn’t thrilled about using it, but Crystal’s crime sprees were becoming too expensive.”  Read the rest of the story…

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