What Is The Best Software To Protect Your Content

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ClikGate Pro

This exciting new software is perfect for protecting your files, or a members subscription site.

With automated signups, protection against password distribution and abuse, and full personalization capabilities, this program has it all.

“Instantly and EasilySetup a Fully Automated Password Protected Directory.”

Never Again Will You Fall Victim to Password Distribution!!

Fact is, some people steal – and some people don’t think twice about taking something of YOURS – without asking your permission, or if you sell online – without paying you for it.

If you give a download link to someone – what is to stop them from passing it around?

If your password protects a directory, that password could be in the hands of DOZENS of users – all of them accessing your site/product – and never pay you.

Everybody is looking for a safe and efficient way to automate the delivery of their product. ClikGatePRO can do just that. Once you have your product fulfillment automated, you can have more time to:

  • Tweak your marketing system
  • Create new products to sell
  • Use the time to advertise more
  • Give customers incredible support

…….. and anything else.

Let’s face it, time is money. If you are wasting your time on manually delivering your product, then you are missing out on money.

Let ClikGatePro password protect your e-book, special report, software, files, membership site or whatever else you are selling on the internet.

You can set it up to allow only 1 member to access your product from 1 username. This prevents people from re-distributing their passwords to their friends.

Very Powerful!

ClikGate Pro Features:

  • Automatically/Manually add new members.
  • Set it up to where admin has to approve each new member.
  • No text files to edit, completely run from a browser
  • Ability to change all fields from your browser
  • Full personalization capabilities
  • Autoresponse to each signup, editable by you. You can personalize this response as well.
  • “Your account has been denied” and “Expired” mailing editable by you. You can personalize these responses as well.
  • After signup HTML page editable by you with full personalization capabilities.
  • Header and footer files for the signup form editable by you in the admin.
  • The signup form has referral URL protection so that people have to order before they can even view the signup form. This protects you from people trying to get a free account!
  • The script emails the admin after each signup with details
  • You can set up UNLIMITED different plans that expire at different times!
  • Separates active members from expired members and gives you the option to re-approve expired members or delete them.
  • Send personalized mailings to your members. You can choose which plan type to mass mail
  • You set the number of IP addresses that members are allowed to log in within a certain number of hours. The number of hours is also editable by you.
  • When somebody abuses their account, it automatically erases them from the member’s file, puts them into the “Abused Account” file, erases them from the password file so that no more abuse can take place, and then sends an email to the admin telling you who abused their account. This feature is desperately needed if you are running a password protected site and makes the program much more valuable than the price you will pay today for it!!!
  • View statistics on who is abusing their account.
  • Password protected the admin area
  • Easy to use, install, and maintain


You have Master Resale Rights (MRR) to this software. This means
that you can sell the software at any price you like, and
you can pass these Resale Rights on to your customers.

The only restrictions are:

1) You must distribute the whole package intact, including
this ReadMe file.

2) You must NOT use any spam techniques to distribute the
software. If you do, an automated system will ensure that
you burn in hell :-)) OK, I know you won’t really do this.
It’s just a warning to the few unscrupulous people out

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