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Without traffic, there’s not much point in having a website, is there? Unfortunately, many individuals follow the necessary steps to start getting traffic…and are left wondering why the traffic isn’t coming. It happens all too often. Buy for only $4.00

You’ve probably even spent a lot of money on different ways to increase traffic to your site – from pay-per-click ads to press releases, still without the results you’re seeking. This is a disappointing predicament – and it can often leave marketers or business owners wondering what they’re doing wrong.

Many have even given up on their websites, thinking they will never get enough traffic to keep sales alive and profits up.

The Traffic Encyclopedia Package contains the methods and tactics used by top marketers and online businessmen and women; tactics that keep their website full of visitors – hour after hour, day after day.

By now, you understand how important website traffic is to your online income. You know that some individuals are receiving massive website traffic and racking up on sales every single hour of the day – and you’re wondering why it’s not happening for you!

This package extensively covers the different tricks and tactics you can use to pull traffic to your site like a super-charged magnet – and all of these ways are completely above board!

You’ll learn important traffic tricks, like:

  • How to Use Article Marketing to Increase Your Website Traffic
  • How to Place an Article Directory on Your Site to Funnel in the Traffic
  • A Few Tiny Little Secrets That Will Provide You with Traffic for Years after You Implement Them.
  • How to REALLY Use Social Bookmarking Sites to See Instant Traffic to Your Site
  • How a Bit of Writing Can Generate a Ton of Traffic
  • Links – Explained In-Depth
  • The Importance of SEO and How to Ensure That it’s Working for You
  • What Autoresponders are and Why They’re Often Misused
  • And So Much More!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced marketer or you’re just beginning – there are tactics and tricks in this guide that will help anyone. From a complete newbie to expert, this manual is designed to help anyone bring in more traffic and more sales to their websites.

Traffic is essential to your website or online business – that’s a fact. In order for you to receive a great amount of traffic, several things must take place.

You must rank fairly high in search engine results listings. In fact, research shows that most individuals never check past the 3rd or 4th page of listings – and most individuals click on the #1 or #2 spot on the first page.

At this time, how many keywords lead to your site through one of those first two spots on the first page of Google rankings? How about Yahoo? MSN? Any search engines? If you’re not in this first couple of rankings, you can certainly do better with your website traffic.

Did you know that there are several quick things you can do to secure yourself a place in one of those two spots? There are three different methods alone that take less than a few minutes to implement – and they’re completely FREE. Those are included in the ‘Traffic Encyclopedia’ Package.

You must have a good amount of quality backlinks to your website. Backlinks are one of the best ways to increase both your website traffic and your search engine results listing – as well as your Google Page Rank. But, how do you get great quality backlinks, especially without paying a fortune?

Easy – in fact, there are several great ways that you can rack up excellent quality links that lead right back to your website – and guess what…they are also FREE. You’ll find out exactly how in the ‘ Package.

Now you can get the answers to your problem of getting excellent traffic to your website, but what’s even better is that the traffic you get will be targeted traffic!

What’s the difference?

Well, if you owned a pet supply store and someone came in because they were just ‘browsing’ or killing time, there’s a slight chance that they might see something they need and purchase it.

However, if someone is specifically looking for a new leash and collar, and they walk into your store – there is a really great chance that they are going to purchase something from you. This is the difference between non-targeted and targeted traffic.


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