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The Mountain

Business Master Reveals The Million Dollar Secrets For Making A Fortune


Hi, you’re listening to Terry Telford.  We’re very lucky to have Dr. Joe Rubino here today who bills himself as North America’s Success Coach.  He has the best selling list of books, tapes, and courses about the length of my arm.  They’re available in 22 countries in 14 languages.

Just to give you an example, one that he has is, Restore Your Magnificence: A Life-Changing Guide to Reclaiming Your Self-Esteem.  Another is Secrets of Building a Million Dollar Network Marketing Organization: From A Guy Who’s Been There, Done That, and Shows You How to Do It Too.  Another one is 10 Weeks to Internet Marketing Success: The Secrets to Launching Your Very Own Million-Dollar Organization in a 10-Week Business-Building and Personal-Development Self-Study Course.

If you want to find out some more information about Joe, you can hop over to  Joe is also a professional MLM kind of guy.  So, I’d like to say thanks for taking the time to talk to me today, Joe.


Terry, it’s a privilege.


Thank you very much.  Maybe you can tell us a little bit about yourself.  What’s your background and how did you end up getting into the MLM industry?


In 1991 I was looking through the back of a dental journal, being a dentist at the time, and I had just recently attended a lecture given by a periodontist who was also an attorney.  At the time, he was talking about the negative effects of alcohol mouth rinses on cavities and the link that they had to cancer.  So, at the time, I was not looking for an opportunity; I was just looking for a product for my patients.  I came across an ad in the back of a dental magazine that mentioned a little about an alcohol-free mouth rinse, a little bit about establishing a profit center in the practice, and a little bit about personal development having your life work living in choice.

I was intrigued and also curious about what those latter items meant.  I called and spoke with a doctor from Indiana and he introduced me first to the products.  Long story short, I tried the products with some of my patients, experienced great results, and from there on was open to the network program.  My introduction was kind of back door and I didn’t have a very positive idea of the industry at this time.


What was this product?


The company was Oxyfresh Worldwide, and they have six different product lines.  One of them is an oral health line.  Hear the rest of the interview …..

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