The Blueprint Guide To Make An Amazing Living By Blogging

Blueprint Guide To Blogger

Blueprint Guide To Blogger

Get My Step-By-Step Blueprint Guide on Blogger & Have Your Blog Up & Running In As Little As 30 Minutes!

Regardless of Your Computer Skills, Even if You Don’t Know any HTML or the Word “BLOG” Sounds Like Some Foreign Language!

Are you curious to know what this great “fad” of blogging is all about? But have been too afraid to ask in case you come off looking like a computer dummy?

Well don’t be ashamed as I was once in the same position as you and I’ve now made the learning curve a whole lot easier!

Today you can end all your fears as I have just placed the finishing touches on a new ebook “Blueprint Guide to Blogger”.

Blueprint Guide To Blogger

Inside I will show you everything from start to finish:

Step 1: Start
Step 2: Create Your Blog
Step 3: Create Your Account
Step 4: Name your Blog
Step 5: Choosing Your Template
Step 6: Post to Your Blog
Step 7: Posting to your blog

  1. Setting colors, fonts, hyperlinks, images

Step 8: Setting Basics
Step 9: Setting Publishing
Step 10: Setting Formatting
Step 11: Setting Comments
Step 12: Setting Archiving
Step 13: Setting Email
Step 14: Template “Pick New”
Step 15: Template “Adsense”
Step 16: Template “Edit Current”

  1. Adding Adsense
  2. Adding a newsletter sign-up responder
  3. Adding Hit/Stat counters
  4. Adding PayPal payment buttons
  5. Changing text links

Step 17: Publish Your Blog
Quick Tips

The “Blueprint Guide to Blogger” is a total of 27 pages with illustrations to each and every step so you won’t get lost along the way!

You can easily have your blog up & running today following my step-by-step guide. NO GUESSWORK involved!

Master Resell Rights:

Congratulation you will have master resell rights to this ebook. You may resell it at any price you wish, add it as a bonus to one of your products or give it to your subscribers. However, you can’t make any changes within this ebook.