Taking It To The Next Level – Audio Book

Taking It To The Next Level

Using A Business Coach To Accelerate Your Profit


So, I welcome you to the coaching session.  I’m excited to be with you, Terry.


Thank you.  Me too.


My intention during our time together is to listen to you very deeply and really see and hear what you’re not seeing and hearing yet that will help your business and create more income streams.  How does that sound?




Okay.  What’s your intention?  What would you like to get out of our time together?


I’d like to be able to get my business to the next level.  Where I’m sitting right now is… I work online; 100% of my business is online.  My company is a streaming media company; I represent a video company.  I have a website called The Business Professional.  The way that it’s set up is we’ve sold bulk memberships, so I don’t make any money on the front end of the memberships; that’s where my licenses go and sell the memberships and they’re making money on the front end.  I make the money on the backend where I promote products and services to the members.

There’s another one called Your Marketing Journal, which is a 365-day coaching session which takes people from the very beginning where they got online and don’t know where to go, or I’ve been online for a few months but don’t know where to start.  Basically, it’s a journal; it’s actually a physical book that works with a private members area and a group coaching call.  We work people from the very beginning to a year’s worth of setting up a business online and getting things running to make money that way.

There’s that, and then I do copywrite.  I have a copywriting portion of the business as well that I just started earlier this month.  So, there’s a lot of stuff going on, but I’m kind of sitting at a specific level of business.  It will fluctuate from month to month from $5,000 to $10,000 as far as income from the business.  No matter what I’ve done so far, I haven’t been able to get to the next level and break through the $10,000 barrier.  It’s almost like a glass ceiling on me.

I’d like to be able to, by the end of the year, to at least the $20,000 or $30,000 a month level.  I want to have a business that’s more successful.  Ultimately, what I’d like to see within a fairly short period of time (two to three years) I’d like to really like to see the business to $100,000 a month.  My gut feeling is that 60% or 70% of that will come from the video business because it has a network marketing business structure, which makes it very, very lucrative.  I’m trying to focus a lot of my attention there to be able to build that quickly in the next 12 to 18 months.  From that business, there will be a lot of residuals.

That’s kind of where I’m sitting.  Like I said, I haven’t been able to break through my glass ceiling.  We had some decent months.  We had a month a couple of years ago where we made $40,000, which made us so excited….

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