Successful Failing

Successful Failing

How One Multi-Millionaire Failed His Way To Success

Excerpt –Terry:

Hi, you’re listening to Terry Telford, and today we’re extremely lucky to have a copywriter extraordinaire named Dan Lok.  He’s in Vancouver, Canada.  Dan is currently so busy that he’s not even accepting new clients.  So, you can appreciate the time that he is taking to be with us to describe his business, exactly how he works, and pass on a lot of information as far as being a copywriter and what you can do to actually write your own copy; the formulas he uses and the secrets he has.  Let’s just dive right in.  I’d like to say thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us, Dan.


Glad to be here, Terry.


Thank you again.  Dan, I’ve got a bunch of questions for you, but before we dig in, let’s talk about you first.  How did you get started and how did the early days go?


Sure, I moved from Hong Kong to North America years ago with no money, no connections and not a word of the English language on my lips.  As you can tell from my thick accent, English is not my first language.  I had to learn it from scratch.  I started my first business when I was 16 years old with my friend.  We mowed lawns for people in my neighborhood.  The business went down in six months from lack of customers.  On and off I would start a business and it would fail very quickly.  I was in the vending machine business, multi-level marketing, and the retail business importing toys from Asia.

There was one point that I lost so much money in my business ventures that I had to borrow money from my friends and family just to survive.  That was pretty bad.  I got a job making minimum wage stocking cans on the shelves in a supermarket.  Since I had no degree or formal education that was the only job I could get at that time.

Now at that time, like most people, I was reading all those self-help books, Terry I think you’re familiar with them.


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