How To Profit From The Coronavirus Pandemic!

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Who Else Wants To Profit From The Coronavirus Pandemic While The World Is Going Crazy About It?


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It’s all over the news. People hear about it and talk about it every day.

According to Worldometers, the number of cases has passed 417,000 people and whole countries have gone into lockdown.

According to recent statistics, one projection has estimated that a staggering 160 million to 214 million people in the U.S. could be infected over the course of the epidemic!!!

Amid this virus outbreak… Schools are closed.

Businesses are directing their employees to work from home.

Millions are in agony, in fear and are confined to their homes because of what they are being bombarded with from the media, from social media – 24/7!!!

Imagine what people are going through right now, watching the news, reading posts everywhere… “Contagion”, “new cases”, “lockdown”, “stay at home” are the main headlines people see and hear everyday…

The World Had Enough of Sensationalism.
They Want HOPE & You Can Help.

Most people are often unprepared to face such novel challenges- the fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of tomorrow, worries about their loved ones- elderly parents often more labeled as “more vulnerable”… concerns over the wellbeing of young children…

Being locked at home is yet another challenge- often in this closed environment, having to deal with emotions- added to the inherent fear, people often experience sadness, feel depressed and unusually upset…often on the verge of going crazy!



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‘Life During Lockdown’

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The content focuses on SOLUTIONS, not the problem.

Enough of fear-based content! The media is doing a great job about it already. Now that the entire world is in a lockdown situation, people are confined in their homes looking for solutions to cope with it, because life goes on.

Our content contains creative and practical ideas that will bring hope, joy and inspiration in such dire times.

This suite of solutions based articles will help you create amazing contents. Now is the best time to build your list in the survival niche, build traffic, get attention in social media.

Your possibilities with the contents are limitless – convert into educational videos, post on social media, make small reports, and the list goes on!

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Here is What’s Inside The ‘Pandemic Survival Solutions’ PLR Package:

15 compelling articles focusing on specific issues that your audience may be facing and will easily address their main concerns.

Titles of the articles:

 1. Stuck at home during a pandemic? Try these 10 activities to avoid getting crazy! (809 words)

 2. 10 creative & fun family activities you can do at home (856 words)

 3. 10 tips to stay healthy while you’re stuck at home (863 words)

 4. 10 daily home workout habits you can start today (785 words)

 5. 10 tips to always stay positive when the world goes crazy (887 words)

 6. 10 healthy habits to boost your immune system (714 words)

 7. 10 creative ways to entertain your kids during a Pandemic (838 words)

8. 10 tips for aging persons during a pandemic (806 words)

 9. 10 things to avoid when quarantined during a pandemic (750 words)

 10. Pandemic? It’s not the end of the world! (798 words)

 11. Facing a pandemic and not panic (702 words)

 12. Have the right reflexes when self-isolating (636 words)

 13. Reconnecting with family members during a pandemic (681 words)

 14. Get your Pandemic Emergency Kit ready (629 words)

 15. How Past Pandemics can prepare businesses to face new ones (782 words)

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