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To help you get started with your new internet online home business, we would like to offer this Alternative Medicine eBook store kit. This package contains a WordPress theme for setting up your very own eBook store that has automatic delivery of your eBooks as well as your 30 volume Alternative Medicine series of resell eBooks.

All for just $15.00!

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With this package you can:

Immediately open your own successful, profitable eBook store

Earn unlimited profits

Charge any price you want for your eBooks

Increase your online business income dramatically

This is absolutely one of the best value deals you will find for starting your own online home business. Once you get your new online business set up be sure and come back for more incredible eBook deals to build your inventory!

Included in your Alternative Medicine eBook kit:

Anger Management 101
The Power of Meditation
ABC of Acupuncture
Complete Hypnotism
Chakra Checklist
Natural Herbal Remedies
Chinese Herbs
The Herbal Encyclopedia
No More Pills
Basic Reiki
Mindful Meditation
Natural Cures
Stop Headache
Natural Detox
Your Complete Guide to Yoga
Curing Premenstrual Tension Naturally
Natural Remedies
Meditation for Everyday Living
The New Age Handbook
Easing Your Stress with Yoga
The Handbook of Relaxation
Lessons in Gnani Yoga: The Yoga of Wisdom
Natural Depression Cures
Acupuncture for Cynics
Holistic and Alternative Medicine
Natural Herbal Cures & Remedies
Yoga for Your Health
Massage Therapy-Feel Better Through Massage Therapy
The Secrets of Hypnosis
The Complete Handbook of Nature’s Cures

Get this entire Alternative Medicine eBook store kit for just $15.00!

Retail Value of Over $500!


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