Discover How To Create a Viral Report

Viral Gold

Once You’ve Got a Viral Report Out To The Right People…

You Couldn’t Stop It From Generating You Swarms of Highly Targeted Traffic, Opt-Ins, and Sales… Even If You Wanted To!

Would you believe that a free viral report I created nearly five years ago is STILL to this day generating me traffic to my websites? 

Yep, it’s being passed around, sold, and downloaded on the internet every single day – and each time it’s generating me targeted traffic.

But you don’t even need a website to start taking advantage of viral marketing – a free report can make you money in its own right.

However many people get viral marketing completely wrong. They think a low quality, out-dated report that’s stuffed full of links will work well for them..

You’re About To Discover How To Create a Viral Report So Powerful That It Will Practically Take On a Life of Its Own!

In short, I’m going to show you step-by-step how to produce a short report (you don’t even have to write any of it yourself if you don’t want to), and then distribute it across the internet for maximum viral effect. 


You’ll discover:

  • Why making your report free simply isn’t enough. Most people make this mistake.
  • The one simple thing that you can do that will dramatically increase the viral impact of your report.
  • How to choose a topic that will have people practically falling over each other to grab what you’re offering.
  • How to get leading experts to write you a report for free – and why they’ll be thrilled to do so!
  • Why and how free reports can act as a money making system in their own right.
  • Why the first steps are crucial. Get your report out to the right people and it’ll take on a life of its own…
  • and much more!

If you’ve got a few of these reports circulating on the internet then things start to look VERY interesting.

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