Feast your eyes on These 100 Exclusive WordPress Themes

100 Exclusive WordPress Themes:

“Why Are You Still Paying $97+ For
Exclusive WordPress Themes?
Here’s How To Get 100 Exclusive Themes Delivered To Your Inbox In 5 Minutes – For Free!”

If you’ve been bloggin’ with WordPress for a while, then you’ve probably found out that finding unique, exclusive WordPress themes is not that easy.

Sure, you can use one of the free themes out there, however, they are already being used by LOTS of other people.

So, where does that put you?

Your next choice would be to get a WordPress designer to create a unique theme for you. If you’ve ever done this, you know that this is going to set you back $97+ I am afraid that those were your only options….

“But Wait!”

Before you start doing that, let’s just look at why you should use WordPress. This script is a complete content management solution that comes free with most web hosts…


Here are just some of the awesome features already built-in.

  • Installs with just a few clicks.
  • Allows you to create a website without knowing any HTML.
  • Add content simply by typing directly into the interface or by copying and pasting it in.
  • Can easily change the look and feel of any site through templates.
  • You can have multiple categories for easy browsing and higher search engine positions!
  • Comes complete with its own RSS feeds
  • Automatically informs various other services (pings) when you add or update your content

And much, much more!

WordPress makes creating your own, low maintenance websites a breeze – and better yet – the search engines love them!

So that’s why WordPress can literally be your best, and closest friend, at least when it comes to launching your own websites.

 I’m going to give you 100 (one hundred) instant themes that you can use right away with the least amount of effort on your side, practically for Free!

All these themes will be “Plug-And-Play”, which means that all you have to do is upload it to your server, log in to your WordPress account, select the theme, and click save.

“Grab The Master Resell Rights to This Incredible
Package At No Extra Cost – But Only If You Act Now!”

Not only do you get these 100 professionally designed WordPress themes to match almost any blog you can think of, but you’ll also get the Master Resell Rights to 100 Exclusive WordPress Themes so you can make money as well, by reselling the themes to your clients or customers.

Here’s what you can and cannot do with the Master Resell Rights license:

[YES] Can be given away
[YES] Can be packaged with other products
[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on it
[YES] Can be added to free membership sites

[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites
[YES] Can sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell Master Resale Rights

Get Juiced

Logically speaking, there is no such thing as having enough money. Yes, you may have enough to pay the rent, feed your family, etc. However, you can never have enough cash when there is the potential and capability to earn a hundred times more than what you are currently earning!

Just imagine what you can do with the extra cash in your life – splurge on shopping trips, travel around the world, indulge in recreational activities, donate to the charity of your choice – the sky is your limit once you have financial independence!

And guess what! We’re talking about earning cash which doesn’t require you to slog through life 24/7 until you can’t even have a good rest. Successful marketers these days are discovering the secrets toward earning downfalls of profits – not by working hard, but by working smart.

If you are a serious marketer, or are striving to be one, you will know that the key to earning huge sums of money is to be an entrepreneur. Being your own boss and having the ability to make your own decision on products/services to market can help you earn much more as compared to working for others.

So how would you like to jump onto the bandwagon of gaining financial independence, making all the decisions, and earning every cent of your extra income?

How would you like to claim ownership to your own products which can escalate you towards riches?

Own Your Very Own Infinite Private Label Rights To Six Brand New Products Guaranteed To Sell Like Hot Cakes – You Don’t Have To Do A Single Thing Because It’s All Done For You!

Follow In The Following Footsteps Of Renowned Global Marketers & Start Earning BIG To Achieve The Luxurious Lifestyle You Deserve!

Okay, just imagine yourself in this scenario: You have a wonderful idea to create a product which you are convinced can earn lots of ka-ching.

Let’s be realistic, especially if you’ve never done this before: What is the first step you are going to do? Where are you going to start from?

One option when you’re starting from scratch (when you have no experience) is to hire people to do all the tedious research for you to create your product.

The research has to be targeted to check that the product is suitable for a certain demographic and whether or not it will be welcomed by the target market.

You would need to pay ghostwriters and researchers to craft your product idea out, in addition to proof-reading and fine-tuning.  Hence, you will have to work out a budget to pay these people for their work.

Now comes the crucial question: would you be able to afford paying a fortune to all these people?

If your answer is no, let’s look at the other option of ‘DIY – Do It Yourself’.

Even if you’re willing to do everything as mentioned above on your own, the time taken to perfect everything of your product is going to take months, or even years!

In addition to that, building up a product from scratch is no easy feat. It takes a lot of energy and effort to be able to create a successful product.

You will need the talent and skill to craft your item such that it is not only user-friendly, but also suits the needs of your consumers.

So if you don’t happen to have a treasure chest stored somewhere, or the energy and passion to spend a long period of time in creating your product, these two options are honestly not worth your time.

But Wait! There’s An Alternative To This!

We’re offering you a solution to earning your BIG bucks through your exclusive rights to hot-selling products of a NO RESTRICTION private label rights!

Not only is my product aimed at potential niches GUARANTEED to make money, you also have the chance to edit the product in whatever way you like!

Hence we’re handing you the solution on a silver platter which you can only gain benefits from!

Let us share with you the advantages of having your own ready-made product:

1) You get ALL the profits and benefits.

Think about it. You don’t have to share any profits with ghostwriters, copywriters, etc once you get your hands on our unique PLR package. That’s because you don’t even have to hire them, as everything is already completed for you!

The best part is this: you don’t owe us anything after you make this one-time payment to own my product. Every single cent of your future earnings will go to your pockets, you are no longer ‘indebted’ to us!

2) You don’t have to spend a huge fortune.

Imagine the amount of cash you save up on without having to pay the people needed to build up your product from scratch, which you can put to better use.

Furthermore, you don’t have to resort to bribing or blackmailing renowned marketers or guru’s out there who hold the key to earning good money, but refuse to share their secrets. we are handing you all the information in my package for your own viewing pleasure!

3) You save heaps of time and effort.

Why spend so much of your energy when you could be doing more productive things, for instance discovering new ways of earning cash or spending time with your loved ones?

Just imagine, all you have to do is market this package. Then you can sit back and wait for your clients to sign up. You can indulge in publicity and marketing purposes, but you don’t have to spend any energy in the process of creating your product.

Hence we’ve given you the foundation for your extra income, which you have the capacity to build up into an empire!

4) You have full access to edit your PLR products to your own liking.

If there is any additional information which you may want to add, or even minus out anything you feel is unnecessary, you are at full privilege to do so because it is YOUR product!

You can also add in your own bonuses, info products, One Time Offers, or etc to spice up your sales.

And once you own this product, you can sell it as a paid membership (such that clients pay a fixed amount to gain the products monthly), or consider getting more cash by selling the Resell Rights or Private Label Rights to your products, it’s your choice!

5) You have the opportunity to brand yourself and your name.

It is essential to market yourself or company brand well to secure a place in the marketing platform. By owning a good and successful product which brings in good sales, you can be assured that you will stay in the market for a long time and earn cash through loyal customers and new ones.

This also helps to solidify your reputation for your own benefits!

This Your Chance To Utilize The Maximum PLR Rights Ever Offered On These Books!

Here Is What You Get:







So what are you waiting for?

Don’t miss out on your once in a lifetime opportunity to get your share of this treasure trove!

You may be a novice starting out with no experience whatsoever in marketing, or be an expert marketer; whatever level you are at, earning extra income is a plus bonus for you!

Private Label Rights Terms and Conditions

You can use the products for personal use.
You can put your name on the products as the author!
You can edit the contents, change the E-Cover, re-title the products, and include your
very own back-end affiliate links!
You can break the E-Book contents down to articles for your viral article submissions,
blogs or even e-zine!
You can sell the products, individually or in a package at any price you wish! The profit
potential is yours to decide!
You can add the products into your (free/paid) membership site for your members to
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You can sell the products through auction sites!
You can offer the (Master) Resell Rights – together or separately – to the products – and
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You can resell the Private Label Rights to the products at an even higher price!
You can give the products away – with or without Private Label Rights – and use them
as lead collectors to build your mailing list!
You can change and publish the products offline!
And so much more!


16 Online Business Ebooks

16 Online Business Ebooks

Get this pack of 16 Online Business Ebooks. We are selling this pack of 16 Online Business Ebooks at wholesale. We are offering this pack for the lowest price on the internet.

These Products come with PLR, MRR, Personal Use or Giveaway Rights.
Some products come with professionally designed sales pages for the product and with all of the accompanying graphics, image covers, etc

This Pack Includes:

Product Name Reseller License Sales Page
$1000 in one week on eBay PLR Yes
7 Days to Profitable Blogging PLR Yes
7 Easy Ways To Make Big Money While You Sleep PLR Yes
10 Ways to Write More Effective Ads MRR Yes
Big Profits From Small Priced Products MRR Yes
Buying Selling Ebooks On Ebay Personal Use Yes
Creating an Online Business 101 MRR Yes
eBay Cash System Personal Use Yes
eBay Power Seller PLR Yes
From eBay Zero To eBay Hero Personal Use Yes
How To Make $700 in 7 Days PLR Yes
Instant Auto Profits MRR Yes
Make Easy Money On eBay PLR Yes
Mining Gold On eBay MRR Yes
Unlocking The Niche Code Personal Use Yes





9 Smoking

Get this pack of 9 Smoking Ebooks. We are selling this pack of 9 Smoking Ebooks at wholesale. We are offering this pack for the lowest price on the internet.

These Products come with PLR, MRR, Personal Use or Giveaway Rights. Some products come with professionally designed sales pages for the product and with all of the accompanying graphics, image covers, etc

This Pack Includes:

Product Name Reseller License Sales Page
Bad Breath MRR Yes
Beating The  Butt On Your Own MRR Yes
Drug Addiction MRR Yes
Effective Resolutions To Quit Smoking Drinking Gambling MRR Yes
Christmas Internet Marketing MRR Yes
Get Off The Gambling Train MRR Yes
How To Quit Smoking MRR Yes
Quit Smoking MRR Yes
Quit Smoking Today MRR Yes
You Can Quit Smoking MRR Yes

20 Online Marketing Ebooks

20 Online Marketing Ebooks

Get this pack of 20 Online Marketing Ebooks. We are selling this pack of 20 Online Marketing Ebooks at wholesale. We are offering this pack for the lowest price on the internet.

These Products come with PLR, MRR, Personal Use or Giveaway Rights.
Some products come with professionally designed sales pages for the product and with all of the accompanying graphics, image covers, etc

This Pack Includes:


Product Name Reseller License Sales Page
15 Of The Biggest Questions In Online Marketing MRR Yes
30 Amazing E Mail Marketing Tactics MRR Yes
30 Ways To Get Free Traffic In 30 Minutes Or Less Give Away No
Bum Marketing Secrets Revealed PLR Yes
Christmas Internet Marketing PLR Yes
Confessions Of A Niche Marketing Maniac MRR Yes
Debt Free Network Marketing Personal Use Yes
Email Marketing 101 MRR Yes
Email Marketing A – To – Z PLR Yes
Email Marketing Dynamo MRR Yes
Email Marketing Mogul PLR Yes
Email Marketing Secrets Exposed MRR Yes
Email Marketing Tips For Effective Newsletters MRR Yes
Email Writing Secrets Personal Use Yes
Essential Internet Marketing MRR Yes
Indispensable Internet Marketing Newbies Guide MRR Yes
Multi Level Marketing Tips To Success MRR Yes
Network Marketing Superstar MRR No
Surviving Your First Year In Network Marketing MRR Yes
The Internet Marketing Profit Plan MRR Yes



150 PLR Ebooks

Get this amazing pack of 150 eBooks that you will love. All these ebooks come with a PLR license.

We are practically giving them away for the best price on the internet.

It Includes:

In this pack you will get:

Private Label Rights Terms and Conditions

[YES] Can be packaged
[YES] Can be sold at any price
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus
[YES] Can be used as web content
[YES] Sales page and graphics can be changed
[YES] Can be added into paid membership sites
[YES] Can be edited completely and your name put on them
[YES] You can edit or create your own covers for this product
[YES] Can convey and sell Personal Use Rights
[YES] Can convey and sell Resale Rights
[YES] Can convey and sell Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can convey and sell Private Label Rights

[NO] Can be given away for free
[NO] Can add to free Membership Sites
[NO] Can extract the graphics for use elsewhere
[NO] Can be sold in dimesales, firesales, variable price sales or auctions…



Do you like roses? What about organic fruits and vegetables?

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never spent a day in your life in a garden, or you’re the best gardener in the world… This Gardening Ebook Collection will help to feel more like the PRO that you really are!

From the desk of Larry Newman

I always dreamed to live in a green space. I tried raising all sorts of plants, and no matter what type of plant it was they always died! I tried planting rose bushes, and before the beauties could even bloom the bushes had become dried sticks without a touch of green.

I tried planting corn, squash, beans and all sorts of vegetables and my garden didn’t even produce a single kernel. Not even enough food to feed an ant. I figured maybe because of the I was living, the soil. I tried flowers, and they died. A friend suggested that I try growing a cactus, so I did, the cactus died. How can you kill a cactus?

Someone else suggested that I try an Aloe Plant because these things were indestructible. A friend gave me an aloe plant and the poor thing was dead within 3 months. Needless to say, my friends quit suggesting things for me to grow. One even told me that if I got a fake plastic plant, with my luck, it would probably die too!

I so desperately wanted to see a little lively green plant growing happily in my home. I wanted fresh vegetables for my table. All I found instead was bad luck, wasted money, and a lot of ceremonies where I would go outside, and somberly say goodbye to yet another dead plant.

I gave up on growing plants for years after that. Then one day, while I was surfing the internet, I stumbled across a gardening forum. I started to learn all I could about them. I read forums, looked up gardening articles, and tried to find as much information as I could online, and that is when my search was over!

I found a lot of information about growing trees, fruits, vegetables and flowers that I could dream of, that helped me in learning everything I need to know about growing any plant I can dream of under the sun!

I gathered all the information I found on the books from below. Even if you’re a professional gardener, you’ll find many tips to help better your growing success!

These ebooks cover everything there is to know about gardening. It’s like having your very own gardening expert that you can reference and ask questions anytime that you need to! You’ll uncover a wide array of tips, including interesting facts that made them what they are today!

And The Best Part Is That You Can Have This Ebook Collection Right Now!

That’s right! No more waiting for the mailman to come to your door 7-10 days later… You can start reading these ebooks instantly!

It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 AM in the morning, you’ll be downloading and reading this “Gardening Ebook Collection” within just a few minutes. There’s absolutely no risk to you – so what are you waiting for? Order now for only $6.99!

See Here What You Will Receive!

  1. 101 tips for successful gardening
  2. best 20 gardening rules
  3. how to build a greenhouse
  4. how to make a garden pond
  5. how to take care of your garden
  6. indoor gardening spring activities
  7. indoor gardening summer activities
  8. indoor gardening autumn activities
  9. indoor gardening winter activities
  10. managing your greenhouse climate
  11. review on flower bulbs
  12. review on flowers gardening
  13. review on fruits gardening
  14. review on garden furniture
  15. review on gardening and landscaping
  16. review on greenhouse gardening
  17. review on indoor gardening
  18. review on organic gardening
  19. review on roses gardening
  20. review on tomatoes gardening
  21. review on vegetable gardening
  22. the beginner gardeners handbook
  23. the importance of soil to a garden

This ebook collection is the result of years of searching, studying, and scouring hundreds of websites, stores, and magazines. You will find out amazing things inside.

* Choosing the right location on your property for growing plants. You’ll find in-depth information on the slope of your land, and what spot is best for growing successfully.

* Preparing the soil properly to provide nutrition for healthy plants.

* Designing, or laying out, your garden so that it’s pleasing to the eye yet functional as well.

* You’ll find out how to make hotbeds so that you can start your vegetables earlier in the season and have edible produce as many as 15 days earlier than normal! This can be a moneymaker if you sell products. Be the first in your neighborhood to have fresh green tomatoes and watermelons!

* Find out the benefits of operating a hobby greenhouse, and how it can be beneficial to your household.

* Read about true seeds and the soundness of seed. You’ll find out how to test seed before you plant them, to determine if you have good seed or bad. Some seed will not grow if it’s bad, and by using a simple technique you can throw out the bad instead of laboring with planting them only to find no lovely sprouts growing where they were sowed.

* Discover proper methods for saving and preserving seed. I find this the most fun of gardening! I now save seed regularly and have a yard full of beautiful blooms from seeds I have saved and sown.

* Find out proper sowing methods to improve your seeds germination rate, and to ensure healthy plants. Proper spacing and depth can mean success or failure in the garden!

* Discover proper transplanting methods, to ensure your plant’s survival when moving from one area to another.

* Cultivating your garden properly and methods for tilling, trenching and sowing to ensure your garden’s success.

* Find out propagating methods so that you can grow many more plants form just one stock plant. Learn to propagate from cuttings, by grafting, by using stock trees, by budding and by layering. All of these are easy and fun methods that you and your family are sure to enjoy!

* Discover how to successfully grow 81 different vegetables and herbs, 26 tasty fruits and nuts and the most popular flowers and shrubs with the gorgeous blooms!

* Plus much MUCH More!

I am sure you will love the information, guidance, and tips provided in these books! All the information you’ll need to get started is provided in these ebooks, no matter what type of growing success you have had in the past you’ll find tips and techniques to improve your growing success in this manual!

My Gardening Ebook Collection normally sells for $47.77, but as part of my “Finally getting this on the internet” sale, I’m willing to give you an instant $40.78 rebate. So, you can get your own copy of my “Gardening Ebook Collection” for only $6.99!

NOTE:  These ebooks do not have resale rights included, they are for personal use!

26 Business Building Software Tools

What This Amazing Software Does:

Allows you to enter “seed articles” to gather information to build up a completely new and unique article.

Swap multiple paragraphs within multiple articles and create a completely customized version ready for article distribution.

Add your own paragraphs and sentences that will be automatically added to articles at the top, middle, and bottom of the content.

Easily substitute thousands of synonyms to bypass google’s duplicate filter and still keep your main content.

Select the number of paragraphs and sentences for each article so that you have complete control on the output.

Saves you a ton of time and effort and spare you from worrying over every single article you have to write ever!

And much much more…

Here’s What This Article Submission Tool  Does

Send an article to the top 8 article directories in under a minute!

Imagine the amount of exposure you are going to get for your website with just one submission!

Experience more traffic and even more sales at your website

The software lets you register for all article directories without actually having to go there

Easy sign-up and submission process allows you to submit your articles in double quick time

 And Much Much More!

What This Amazing Software Does:

Set up banner advertisements on unlimited web pages and start seeing more clicks to your offers!


Promote complementary products using our special banners on your sales pages and show your visitors you care!
Increase your sales made at your website naturally with just one banner that catches attention immediately!
This software generates one simple script that displays your banner ad automatically on your squeeze page, sales pages, blog etc.!
User-friendly interface makes it easy to replicate the whole banner advertising process for all your different websites!


And much much more…

Cloaker 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Protect your affiliate links and keep your hard earned commissions from being stolen from the nasty affiliate thieves


Redirect your cloaked links to any site of your choice so that others won’t even notice it’s an affiliate link… And you’ll still be credited for your commissions!


Bypass merchants’ squeeze pages and send your prospects directly to their sales pages or even your order page, which eliminates a step and increases your chances of making a sale


Have the luxury of linking to even your own sale pages that you’ve created or other marketing materials in the event that your merchants’ sales pages are of inferior quality


Skyrocket your affiliate commissions and elevate you to the super affiliates status!
And much much more…

Content Checker 4Pro

What This Amazing Software Does

Compares two articles side by side and reveal to you the  percentage of duplicated content between the two articles

Shows you exactly which are the parts that are duplicated using different color highlighting

Saves you time and effort when rewriting articles due to the  easy comparison

Displays the keyword density of each article for the keyword you’ve chosen

Helps to check on your freelance writers work and ensure all your content are not duplicated and will never be penalized by the search engines


And much much more…

Box Copy 4Pro

What This Amazing Software Does: 


Allows you to create sales letters by simply filling in the blanks (so you can churn out sales copies in just a fraction of the time you would normally take!)


Make your site look professional with a complete mini-site format as the software will allow you to enter your header, footer and product images with ease!


Inputs the headline, sub-headline at strategic locations (so you can grab your prospects attention and make them read your offer!)


Easily helps to add credibility to your sales page with automatic insertion of the testimonials you provide. (this will help boost sales tremendously!)


100% compatible with ANY payment processor (so you never have to worry about not being able to receive payment!)


Extremely easy to integrate with Clickbank & Paypal  – If you use Clickbank for your payment processor, you just have to insert your Clickbank ID and Product Number and the link will be created for you automatically. Likewise for Paypal!


Saves you a ton of time and effort and spare you from worrying over every single sales letter you have to write ever!


 And Much Much More!

Coupon 4Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Creates unlimited coupon codes and discounted order pages just by following some step-by-step instructions (if you know how to click the mouse and follow instructions, you can use this software!)
Set your promo codes to be self-expiring by a certain specific date (this creates a sense of urgency and scarcity for your prospects to take action immediately!)


Ability to create “one-time-use” online coupon codes (so the coupon codes does not get abused!)


Create special offers for your customers, JV partners, and affiliates (and boost your customers’ loyalty greatly and keep everyone happy!)


View all your coupon statistics conveniently. You can track exactly how many times each of your coupon code has been used… (so you can create multiple codes and track which ones were the most effective!)

And much much more…

Directory 4Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Contains over 200 directories that you can submit your sites to.


The directory list is updated monthly(so all the dead links will be removed!)


Automatically rotate multiple titles, descriptions and keywords to make sure your links seem natural and be able to rank for multiple keywords.

Loads up to 10 browsers at the same time to speed up your submission process.

Saves your previous work and records the sites that you have submitted to.

Add, edit and delete anything in the directory list.

Unlimited user and site profiles.

Sort list according to Pagerank, Alexa rankings, alphabetical order, etc…
And much much more…


Email 4Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Creates well-formatted text in literally just seconds.


Standardizes the look of your emails and other text documents.


Makes the task of preparing your emails for your subscribers a breeze.


Copies your formatted text unto any program like Notepad, your HTML editor, MS Word and your autoresponder broadcast feature.


Helps improve your Email Marketing campaigns.


Saves you a ton of time and effortspent on formatting text content
And much much more…


Forum Manager 4Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Stores all your forums login details so you’ll NEVER have to dig your brains and struggle to remember all of them


Allows you to store preset forum postings and allows you to paste them easily onto each individual forum with just a few clicks of the mouse


Saves a list of forums that are related to your niche so you can visit these forums with much convenience


Enables you to customize forum posts and helps you to organize them easily


Speeds up your forum posting and saves you a great deal of time. (Hence, you get acknowledged as an expert in your niche MUCH faster!)
And much much more…


Info Box 4Pro

 What This Amazing Software Does:

Allows you to create create little boxes of information i.e. help, hints, tips, tricks, FAQ by simply going through some easy steps (so you can churn out info boxes in just a fraction of the time others will take!)
Let your site visitors easily grasp your site features and be able to navigate without facing any difficulties. (this will boost your site’s user-friendliness greatly!)
Easily helps to add credibility to your websites with automatic insertion of the helpful hints you provide. (and show your visitors you care!)
Make your site look professional with helpful info boxes for your visitors! (and enhance your visitors’ surfing experience and make them want to come back again and again!)
Never have to worry about messing with complicated HTML codes or css files. As long as you know how to follow some simple instructions, you’ll be able to generate your own info boxes!
Saves you a ton of time and effort and spare you from worrying over every piece of information you wish to provide on your sites!

And much much more…

Keyword 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Analyze the demand and supply of any niche market and saves you time required for the necessary research.


Uncover hidden niche markets with a push of a button.


Extract the no. of daily searches for any keyword in the search engines.


Display number of competing pages for any keyword in Google, Yahoo & MSN search engines.


Churns out a huge list of profitable keywords you can use for ALL your internet marketing efforts


Save your results in excel sheet for deeper analysis.
And much much more…

Monitor 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Easy to use interface lets you add tons of webpages to be monitored at one short!
Remain competitive in your niche and be updated with your competitor’s latest developments at his/her site on a regular basis!
Set your desired checking schedule so this software can alert you in minutes, hours or days of any changes in the sites.
No need for multiple windows to track your sites or competitor sites
ANY webpage can be monitored for changes. (You can monitor your Twitter page or be updated with changes in other people’s Twitter profile page!)
And much much more…

Motivator 4 Pro

Here’s What This Customer Motivator Software Does: 
Quickly create a page thatentices your web visitors to purchase your product when they visit your website
Increase your sales made at your website which in turnexplodes your profits naturally!
User-friendly interface makes it easy to replicate the whole page creation process for all your web pages!
Easilycreate a desire in your web visitors to buy your product!
Watch asyour profits skyrocket just by adding this powerful marketing strategy to your business with the help of this software!


And much much more…

Optin 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Allows your subscribers to receive their rewards INSTANTLYwithout having to go to another page
Increases your optins magicallyby at least 200%and satisfy your prospects immediately


Personalize your sales letter and address your prospects by name


Boost your response rates by at least 30%


Add images, videos, audios or anything else that can be possibly be placed on a website as a thank you message after they opt in


Works with almost all of the main autoresponder services (such as Aweber, GetResponse and EmailAces)
And much much more…

Password 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

It seamlessly maintains different affiliate account details, so you won’t get confused or lost figuring out which is which ever again!


Easily categorize your IDs in different groups– emails, autoresponders, hosting, the choice is yours!


Need to save multiple details? No problem! Password Buzz does all those, including login name, password, login link, cloaked link, payout info, you name it you have it!


Access your account quickly and easily through an in-built web browser within the software that allows you to copy-and-paste your username & password into the login fields


Personalize each account’s information in Password Buzz to suit your marketing needs!


Keep track of your commissions and payments with minimum fuss (so you know where your sources of income are from, and when!)
And much much more…

Picture Ads 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does: 

Quickly create and set up an attractive picture ad without having to use Photoshop or any graphic editing skills


Increase your sales made at your website which in turn explodes your profits naturally!


Easy to navigate admin panel lets youmanage your ad campaigns easily from one dashboard


Displayunlimited ads promoting your own products and affiliate programs onunlimited websites and watch your profits skyrocket, all with the help of this tool!


User-friendly interface makes it easy toreplicate the whole picture ad creation process for all your websites!


And much much more…

Poll 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Create a customized and professional-looking voting poll for your website in just a few clicks


Create an unlimited number of online polls running concurrently


Easily publish a poll on any page or website of your choice using an embedding code function


Instantly view voting responses which are updated real-time


Monitor and analyze polling results which help answer your call to action


Establishes a sense of importance in your consumers by letting them know their opinions matter
And much much more…

Project Manager 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Lists down all the projects you have on hand and categorizes them according to the level of priority (you’llNEVERforget about any important tasks you have anymore!)
Allows you to add or delete tasks from each project and tracks the percentage of completion for each project
Keeps track of the scheduled start and end dates of each project you enter so you know exactly how much time you have left for each project
Boosts your productivity greatly and allows you to accomplish so much more
Manages your time efficiently and you’ll never have to worry about keeping yourself organized ever again.
‘Calendar’ function enables you to check dates and list down your daily schedule for every single hour
And much much more…

Cover 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Save tons of time copying and pasting from the web by getting search engine results saved directly onto your computer through the software


Utilize the power of all the search engines in just a single click


Export all search results into a simple, easy to read file which can be kept for future reference


Have no more hassle of going to multiple sites to search for a particular topic! (Have them accessible all at once saves time and effort normally spent on trawling major search engines!)


Have all your search results listed in one full page unlike the search engines where search results are broken down into a mess


Software acts like your own personal all-in-one search engine on your desktop 
And much much more…

Snap 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Add multiple URLs into the ‘snap’ section to snap multiple sites in an instant!


Customize the browser width, height as well as dimensions of the screen capture or thumbnail saved so you save on time spent on editing it!


Select the format you want to export the screen capture as – No need to rely on photo editing software!


Import and export a list of URLs without having to spend time keying URLs one by one


Specify where you want your images to be exported to automatically to better manage your image files!


Automatically create screenshots, thumbnails, icons, etc. through the use of one software! 
And much much more…

Squeze 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Create unlimited amount of squeeze pages customized according to your marketing needs with just a few clicks of the mouse
Allows you tochoose between 3 different high-converting templates with three background colors
Enables you to enter meta tags conveniently for our Search Engine Optimization purposes
Enter your autoresponder codes directly into the designated field
Add images or audios/videos to your squeeze pages using normal HTML tags (so your squeeze pages will be interactive!)
Convert your squeeze pages directly into HTML files or place it on the clipboard so you can paste it in your HTML editor for further editing
And much much more…

Theme 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Customize the look for each website through the user-friendly interface that lets you play around with the theme settings
Quickly create multiple WP themes for your different websites without having to meddle with any form of coding
Save money spent on hiring expensive graphic designers to create a theme for you
Think about how the money that you save on themes can be used on other areas of your online business
Easily upload your free themes onto this software that allows you to customize, personalize and revamp any theme!
The software churns out your unique theme in just minutes, saving you lots of time!


And much much more…

Twitter 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Manage your Twitter postings and schedule multiple posts in just seconds easily!


Set the time, edit and import messages in just a few clicks of a button!


Think about the time saved on making changes without having to log into Twitter!


Twitter marketing made easy because you can track your tweets through one software!


Gain rapid exposure through Twitter without having to physically be involved in tweeting all day!


It automatically submits your messages to Twitter while you focus on more pressing matters
And much much more…

Typo 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:


  Create a list of thousands of mispelled keywords in just a few clicks.
  Up to 6 options for you to choose from on how to you want the keywords to be misspelled.
  Add your own keyword list in the software for more flexibility.
  Export in TXT file for easy reference later.
  Adwords keyword wrapper feature to easily prepare your adword campaign.
  Organize keywords in broad, exact, phrase, lowercase and negative case.
  Saves you a ton of time, effort and spare you from spending thousands of dollars in competiting for expensive keywords in the search engines.


And much much more…


Upsell 4 Pro

What This Amazing Software Does:

Save time and effort spent on trying to come up with gimmicks or special offers just toimprove earnings when you can do so easily just by presenting one more offer to your customers!


Waste no time in cashing in further on a willing buyer who has already showed his/her trust in you through the first purchase!


Increase your sales made per customer which in turnexplodes your profits naturally!


Easily duplicate the same upsell page for other products that you are selling!


Instantly create an upsell page to entice customers with an irresistible upsell offer after their initial purchase!

And much much more…

Master Resale Rights Terms and Conditions

[YES]Can be sold

[YES] Can be used for personal use

[YES] Can be packaged with other products

[YES] Can modify/change the sales letter

[YES] Can be added into paid membership websites

[YES] Can put your name on the sales letter

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus

[YES] Can be used to build a list

[YES] Can print/publish offline

[YES] Can convey and sell Personal Use Rights

[YES] Can convey and sell Resale Rights

[YES] Can convey and sell Master Resale Rights

[NO] Can modify/change the main product

[NO] Can modify/change the graphics and ecover

[NO] Can be given away for free

[NO] Can be added to free membership websites

[NO] Can convey and sell Private Label Rights

18 Baby Care eBooks

18 Baby Care eBooks

Get this pack of 18 Baby Care eBooks Pack. We are selling this pack of 18 Baby Care eBooks Pack at wholesale. We are offering this pack for the lowest price on the internet.

These eBooks come with private label rights (PLR), Master resell rights (MRR) and Personal use license
Some eBooks come with professionally designed sales pages for the product and with all of the accompanying graphics, image covers, etc

This Pack Includes:

Product Title License Type Sales Page
28000 Baby Names MRR Yes
A Mothers Guide To Childs Health MRR Yes
A Parent s Guide To Medicine Safety MRR Yes
Avoiding The Baby Battles MRR Yes
Baby Shower Guide MRR Yes
Baby Showers Revealed PLR Yes
Baby Sleeping MRR Yes
Baby Weaning MRR Yes
Child Diet Dilemma MRR Yes
Discover Educational Toys for Children PLR Yes
Disneyland Vacations MRR Yes
Get Pregnant – Cure Infertility Naturally PLR No
Great Ideas To Surprise Your Mom On Mother s Day MRR Yes
Guys Guide to the Delivery Room MRR Yes
Helping Your Child Succeed In School MRR Yes
How To Create A Super Baby MRR Yes
How To Keep Your Baby Safe Personal Use Yes
How To Soothe Your Baby From Colic MRR Yes

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28 Meditation eBooks

28 Meditation eBooks

28 Meditation eBooks

Get this pack of 28 Meditation eBooks Pack. We are selling this pack of 28 Meditation eBooks Pack at wholesale. We are offering this pack for the lowest price on the internet.

These eBooks come with private label rights (PLR), Master resell rights (MRR) and Personal use license
Some eBooks come with professionally designed sales pages for the product and with all of the accompanying graphics, image covers, etc

This Pack Includes:

Product Title License Type Sales Page
Achieve Prosperous Living Through Spiritual Empowerment MRR No
Achieving Serenity Of Self MRR No
Anger Management 101 MRR Yes
Aromatherapy – Natural Scents That Help And Heal MRR No
Aromatherapy Can Change Your Life MRR Yes
Aromatherapy For Cynics MRR Yes
Authentic Acceptance MRR Yes
Beginners Guide To Meditation PLR No
Beginners Guide to Yoga Meditation MRR Yes
Breath Watching Meditation MRR Yes
Empty Mind Meditation MRR Yes
Essential Aromatherapy PLR Yes
From Good To Excellence MRR Yes
Healing – Inside Out And Outside In MRR Yes
Healing – Spiritual Techniques For Healing The Body MRR No

How To Pray For Power

Personal Use Yes
Lessons In Raja Yoga PLR Yes
Meditation For Everyday Living PLR Yes
Mindfulness Meditation MRR Yes
Secrets of Becoming a Meditation Expert MRR Yes
Spiritual Healing For Your Soul MRR Yes
The Handbook Of Relaxation MRR Yes
The Power Of Meditation MRR Yes
The Spiritual Resolution MRR Yes
The Truth Behind Hypnosis MRR Yes
Transcendental Meditation MRR Yes
Walking Meditation MRR Yes
You Can Heal Yourself PLR Yes


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