Facebook Auto Responder

Facebook Auto Responder

Facebook Auto Responder

Are you too busy to respond to your fans comments and posts? Do you want to save thousands of dollars which you give your Fan Page managers? Do you want to quickly convert a visitor into a lead or fan? Facebook Auto Responder automatically responds to Posts and Comments on your Facebook Business Fan Pages. It will not only save your time but will keep your fan page very active. You can search for keywords and post a canned response. Moreover, you can schedule recurring comments and auto delete comments.


Here are some cool features of this application:-

  • Unlimited Fan Pages and Groups
  • Unlimited Users
  • Auto-responds to posts by Fans in your fan page.
  • Auto-responds to comments in Fan Page and Groups, based on keywords search.
  • Choose a specific post or run the search on the latest post.
  • Select / Post on multiple pages/groups.
  • Multiple keywords and phrases search option.
  • SpinTax
  • Schedule a comment on selected date and time.
  • Add recurring comments.
  • Auto deletes comments on a specific date or after specific time-lapse.
  • Limit number of pages on which a user can post.

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