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Welcome to the affiliate business and marketing workshop.  Today you’re going to learn how to develop an affiliate business that generates a real income for you.  We’re really lucky to have Anik Signal for us; he’s going to be our business professor for today.  Anik is the founder of and  Daily, Anik teaches affiliates how to run their businesses.  I’m going to be your host for the workshop, and my name is Terry Telford from  The first thing I’d like to do is thank you very much for joining us today, Anik.


No problem, it’s my pleasure.


Thank you very much.  Can you start off by giving us your background, where you come from, and a little bit of your history?


Sure.  I’m currently a college student.  I’m only 21 years old.  I started Internet marketing when I was 19, so it’s been about two years.  I was a pre-med major when I first found Internet marketing.  I was studying at a completely different university, and I was studying to become a doctor.  I quickly found myself getting away from that field, and I can say that since as far back as I remember, I have been a business guy.  When I started looking into the business world, I realized that was where I needed to be.  So, I made a drastic change over to a different university, and I joined their finance program.  This is my last semester, so I’ll be graduating soon and going full-time in marketing.

For three years I worked as a financial planner; I was the youngest financial planner in my entire branch for the whole company, which is the third largest firm.  So, I’ve had some decent experience in that sense.  From there I began getting very active in my Internet marketing because it was such an easy business to run with school.  So, slowly I’ve gotten away from finance, and I don’t work for that company anymore, and I’m pretty much full-time in marketing right now.


Excellent.  So, how has your offline experience helped you online?


One of the first things that offline experience did was prove that business was what I wanted to do.  Another thing that it taught me a lot about was because I was in the sales business; I was sitting down with people one-on-one, so it taught me how to speak to people and I learned what people want.  This directly came into my Internet business because I realized that there is no human touch online, which could be a problem.  I’m very good at getting back to people, and all of my skills of customer service and knowing how to deal with people have come from my offline experience. 


Excellent.  Now that you’re online, what kind of an income are you generating?  Hear the rest of the interview…

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How It Benefits You

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