100 Product Review Ideas

100 Product Review Ideas

100 Product Review Ideas

This e-book will give you 100 product review ideas. It contains ideas for the different types of product reviews, the benefits you got from the product, the feelings the product gives you, how the product affects you mentally and physically and if you liked the features of the product. Writing product reviews is an effective way to increase your affiliate commissions.
If you are in the blogging and affiliate marketing industry, one of the best ways to market the product that you promote is by doing reviews. The challenge now is that because of its effectiveness, affiliate marketers are having a hard time figuring some ideas on reviewing products.
The good news this time is that this e-book will give you 100 product review ideas. It contains ideas for the different types of product reviews, the benefits you got from the product, the feelings the product gives you, how the product affects you mentally and physically and if you liked the features of the product. Writing product reviews is an effective way to increase your affiliate commissions.
Keeping Fish

Keeping Fish

Keeping Fish

Have you always wanted to set aside a section of your home where you can retreat and enjoy endless tranquil moments in front of your very own aquarium?

Before you embark on creating your own fish environment, there are some essential processes that you’ll need to know to ensure a healthy and stable environment for your fish.

For example, have you pre-planned the details for your aquarium setting before purchasing one? Do you know what kind of aquarium to purchase? What kind of fish species? What kind of fish requires what kind of water environment? How to create and maintain a stable fish environment?

Despite facing these basic questions, learning all of the ins and outs of creating your own tranquil fish paradise is NOT as complicated as you may think. In fact, keeping fish is one of the simplest pets to care for! After the initial setup, the hardest thing an aquarist deals with is… routine.

And the trade-off?

One of the most effortless and relaxing environments you can cultivate in your own home!

Introducing…. Keeping Fish

Fish keeping is one of the oldest forms of relaxation and home aquariums are becoming more and more popular every day. Investing in a home aquarium can be a great experience for the entire family and is relatively easy to take care of.

But it’s not as intuitive as an inexperienced hobbyist may think. For example, it may not be obvious to everyone that you shouldn’t keep big fish in a small tank, or that small fish probably won’t fair well with larger more aggressive stock. And, unless you follow the advice of the store clerk where you buy Betta fish, you may not know that putting multiple male betta fish in the same fish tank is a bad idea!

This primer will show you…

  • The differences between freshwater and saltwater setups
  • What to look for when purchasing your aquarium
  • How to setup your aquarium
  • Why and how to “cycle” your tank
  • How to maintain stable water conditions
  • How to add, and care for, your fish
  • And much, much more!
lawn care

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

“The Secret of A Great Lawn Without Needing a Professional – You Can Do It And I Can Show You How!”

A Great Looking Lawn Doesn’t Have To Cost Hundreds Of Dollars Or Require The Use Of A Professional Lawn Care Service.  All You Need Is This Incredible Book!

This Book Does!

Inside the pages of this book, you’ll learn ways to get rid of these weeds forever or at least keep them from taking over your whole yard.

A huge rule of thumb in lawn care is to use offense rather than defense when it comes to weeds.  That means preventing them from appearing in the first place is the best practice so you don’t have as much to worry about when it comes to removal and control.

Lawn Care – Professional Lawn Care For Your Home – By You!” is simply the best way I’ve found to get all the information you need to have a great lawn.

You Can Too!

As I said before, there’s so much information available today, it can be hard to take the information you need and put it to use right away.  So what this book does is take advice from top lawn care experts and assembled it in an easy-to-read format that will guide you through all of your lawn care questions and problems.

Even if you have no clue where to start, “Lawn Care – Professional Lawn Care For Your Home – By You!” can get you there.

Don’t have a lawn mower yet?  No problem!  This book reviews the top types of mowers and gives characteristics of each so you can make the right decision about which mower is right for you.  Plus, it gives a step by step guide on tuning up your mower and how to prepare it to withstand winter.

What I found especially helpful, though, was the sections on landscaping and how to build your own backyard (or front yard) waterfall.  My wife loved it too because it gave her a way to participate in the yard work and she had a blast building our rock water garden.

Landscaping is also part of making your yard something to be proud of.  “Lawn Care – Professional Lawn Care For Your Home – By You!” tells you about the most popular plants, shrubs, and trees that will make your yard beautiful.  See beautiful full-color photos of:

  • Azalea bushes
  • Butterfly bushes
  • English Boxwood shrub
  • Winterberry Holly
  • And more!

Plus, learn what conditions these plants need to grow best in and how to place them in your yard so you get the look you are trying to achieve!

Cultivating a great lawn and keeping it looking amazing isn’t just for professionals anymore.

Now You Can Have The Lawn You’ve Always Wanted!

With everything that is included in “Lawn Care – Professional Lawn Care For Your Home – By You!”, the price tag for a book like this could be well out of reach.  But I wanted it to be available to everyone at a reasonable price.  That’s why I’m offering it to you at the exclusively low price of FREE

51 Ways to Reduce Allergies

51 Ways to Reduce Allergies

Do you hate the spring?
Do you run at the site of a dog or cat? 
Do you carry around tissues wherever you go? 
You’re not alone.

51 Ways to Reduce Allergies can help!

Did you know…

  • Approximately 55 percent of all U.S. citizens test positive to one or more allergens
  • Allergies cost the health care system about $18 billion annually
  • Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic disease in the United States
  • On average, 18.4 million adults and 6.7 children are diagnosed with hay fever each year
  • Allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, is the reason for over 15 million doctor office visits each year

Did you also know…


  • Where you buy your honey can reduce your pollen allergy
  • Colorful flowers are less bothersome than plain ones.
  • The right vitamins and herbs can help allergy sufferers
  • Ionizing air cleaners are NOT all they’re cracked up to be.
  • Alcohol can make allergies worse

Find all these tips and more! Start putting those tissues away! Get Your Copy Of 51 Ways to Reduce Allergies — Today!



101 Steps To Success

101 Steps To Success

101 Steps To Success

Success . . . It means different things to different people.
Most people want to be
successful in life.
The question is,
what is success?

For example, a person that owns their own oil changing service for vehicles might set their level of success at servicing 50 cars a day while someone who loves music might consider success as cutting their own CD. In addition, success does not always have to involve money. Success could be getting a good grade in a difficult class or learning how to bake the perfect chocolate cake.

Regardless of what your specific idea of success is, there are ways to reach or even surpass your goals. In 101 Steps To Success, we have put together 101 steps that you can use to reach your own personal idea of success. These are ways to better yourself as a person, proven methods you can apply to reach success.

Success comes in all different shapes and sizes with one common denominator. Success is important and it takes work to reach. There are goals set and then the hard work begins to reach those goals. That is why we have assembled this manual, to make your journey to your success easier. 


Easy PR Booster

Easy PR Booster

Easy PR Booster

Easy PR Booster is a powerful linking script that allows you to easily manage links across your entire site network.

This is a great way to distribute PR and increase search engine spidering.


 2.1  Unzipping the script

In order to begin installing the “Easy PR Booster”, unzip the installation pack. The contents of the unzipped folder should then be uploaded to a folder that you create on your web server.


You extract to: C:\Documents and Settings\Xybercode\My Documents\Easy PR Booster

You upload to:  /public_html/prboost

2.2  Setting up a MySQL database

Using your assigned cPanel or DirectAdmin set up a new database and username, which you can easily remember. Make sure that the database user has permissions to all functions for the database. It may be useful to assign the database name the same as your folder name and the user and pass something that you easily remember.

2.3  Updating the db.php file

In your HTML editor open the file db.php in the Includes folder of the package. Lines 3 – 6 contain the following information:

$host =

$user =

$pass =

$base =

Enter the following information between the quotes that follow:

Host = Your local host for your MySQL database (usually default is localhost), this is the default. Example:

$host = “localhost”;

User = The MySQL database username. Example:

$user = “username”;

Pass = The password of the user for the database that you created. Example:

$pass = “password”;

Base = The database name that was given to your MySQL database. Example:

$base = “databasename”;

2.4  Uploading to your web server

Using FTP create a folder on your server called prboost (or whichever name you prefer). Then upload all the files that you unzipped into that folder.

2.5  Finishing the installation

In your web browser go to the installation page of your Easy PR Booster. Example:


You will then see the following message:

This script will install Easy PR Booster. Before installing, make sure that you have edited the db.php file in the includes folder with your database information. When you are ready to continue, click below.

Click the Install button to complete the installation. After this is complete you will then see a button to login to the admin area.

2.6  Uploading a .htaccess file

If you are going to display the PHP content inside of your .html pages you will need to make sure that you have an .htaccess file.

You need to determine whether you already have a .htaccess file in your websites root folder.  If you do, download it to your local computer using your FTP software, and then open it with Notepad.

Look to see if this line exists in your .htaccess file:

AddType application/x-httpd-php htm html

If it does not, add it to the top of your .htaccess file, save that file, and upload it back up to your webserver.


To begin using Easy PR Booster simply go to:


Or if you can directly click the button after the install was completed.

The default username and password are both ‘admin’ without the quotes.

Using Easy PR Booster

4.1  Adding a new link

To start using the script you will need to add your first link.

You will see a ‘+’ button at the top right of the interface. Click that to add your first link.

4.2  Inputting the information of your link

You will then see the following interface:

Enter the required information and click the Add Link Now button.

Remember that information that you add for Link Name will be the text that is displayed for your link.

You can then add as many links as you like. Once you have added all the links that you require you are ready to add the links to your pages.

Note: You can easily add or remove links at any time and your pages will update automatically.

Applying to your sites 

5.1  Adding the include codes on your sites.

Once you have added all your links in the admin area you will be ready to add the scripts include code on the pages that you wish. Each link is tied to the keywords that you entered for your links.

  • The include codes

This is an example what your include code should look like:




You will simply need to replace the domain and keyword data to have the proper link code. You then simply copy and paste the above 3 lines and paste it as described below:

You can display your links by adding them to the pages that you wish the links to appear where you would like them to be displayed.

You can also look at the sample.html (inside the zip that you downloaded) file for an example of a proper include code.

5.3 Displaying the link vertically or horizontally

Use this code to display links vertically:





Use this code to display links horizontally:






You are done! I hope you enjoy Easy PR Booster.  NOTE: This is not a WordPress plugin – it is for an advanced user!

cover letter tips

100 Cover Letter Tips

100 Cover Letter Tips

EVERY Single Person Should Know!

If you want to enhance your skills about writing a cover letter here is exactly what you are looking for.

In this eBook you will get 100 amazing tips that will surely take your cover letter writing to a next level.

These tips also help in writing the famous “about” page on you own website or resume posting!

20 Online Business Ideas

20 Online Business Ideas

20 Online Business Ideas

Discover 20 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Today So You Can Have The Freedom To Work Anywhere.

Create an online business that you love and work from home.

Without an idea, there is no chance to start your own online business. With tons of entrepreneurs out there this first step is one of the hardest challenges, where you might find yourself wandering around the web to get your creative juices flowing. Don’t look any further, as we put together a list of 20 online business ideas which you can start tomorrow. Obviously, there is a need for tremendous preparation and research, but hopefully, this list can get you started.


[YES] Can sell and keep 100% of the sales
[YES] Can sell with Resale Rights
[YES] Can sell with Master Resale Rights
[YES] Can edit the included squeeze page
[YES] Can giveaway
[YES] Can be added into a membership site.

[NO] Can sell with Private Label Rights


5000 PLR Articles

5000 Health & Fitness PLR Articles

5000 Health & Fitness PLR Articles

This package contains 5000 PLR Articles about Health & Fitness so you don’t need to worry about quality content anymore for your website or blog.

The contents of this package is solely intended for our customers and you are free to use any of these Private Label Rights articles.