Gorgeous Intricate Mehndi Tattoos, Create Your Own Individual Style…

A perfect chance to impress everyone with your own style and intricate body art.

Comprising of the overview and different cultural approaches regarding Body Art, our eBook contains a comprehensive study on the usefulness and utilization of the natural shrub, MEHNDI.
The basic points with respect to this latest advancement include:

The general overview of the origin of MEHNDI.

Its specifications with respect to cultivation and production.

Useful details regarding the preparation of "MEHNDI PASTE" for drawing out of designs.

The preparatory techniques for the effective applicators of MEHNDI PASTE for intricateness.

The relationship and science of MEHNDI and skin.

The useful step-by-step procedure for creating MEHNDI tattoos.

The various cultural traditions and customs of MEHNDI across the seven seas and skies.

An easy-to-understand tutorial for effective MEHNDI application.

A general synopsis regarding the shrub of Henna or Mehndi.

The world-wide acknowledgement of Mehndi along with its cultural development throughout the centuries.

The positive health prospects allied to the regular and careful use of Mehndi.

And More

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