His Guide to Her Jewelry

Table of Contents


Chapter I – Jewelry Giving Occasions

Chapter II – Precious Metals

Chapter III – Diamonds

Chapter IV – Other Precious, Semi-Precious & Man-Made

Chapter V – Pearls…Natural, Cultured and Imitation

Chapter VI – Other Things You Need to Know

Chapter VII – Jewelry for the Ages

Chapter VIII – Choosing Jewelry Styles

Chapter IX – Giving Religious Jewelry

Chapter X – The Symbolic Romance of Jewelry

Chapter XI – Giving Celtic Jewelry

Chapter XII – Giving Native American Jewelry

Chapter XIII – Giving Art Deco Jewelry

Chapter XIV – Personalizing Jewelry Gifts

Chapter XV – Jewelry Shopping on the Internet

Chapter XVI – Buying "Fad" Jewelry

Chapter XVII – Finding Antique Jewelry

Chapter XVIII – Jewelry Boxes and Armoires

Chapter XIX – Buying "THE" Ring

Chapter XX – Buying Antique Engagement Rings

Chapter XXI – Personalize the Rings

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