Fun for the Household

How About Some Good Old-Fashioned Fun for the Whole Family

“Play with me, please play with me.”

And then it is that the wise mother or father will introduce a simple game. Perhaps Puss in the Corner, or Blind Man’s Bluff, or perhaps hide behind a large chair or screen and call aloud, “Where am I?” and such a mischievous laugh will follow when the toddling child finds the one who has thus hidden!

From this period game follows game, just as naturally as year follows year, and even when the little tot has grown to womanhood or manhood, the cry is still heard, “Play with me, please play with me,” thus illustrating the trite words, men and women are only children grown up.

Therefore the variety of games within this book: Games suitable for all ages, for all temperaments; games for the house, and games for the field; games for the girls, and, games for the boys; games for the young, and games for the old; games for St. Valentine’s Day, games for Christmas Day,—games for all seasons, games for all climes.

Thus may the year be filled with jollity.

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